Performance Scorecard Builder

Performance Scorecard Builder 2.2.0

Easily build up a one-page, simple or complex Scorecard for evaluating Performance.

Easily build up a one-page, simple or complex Scorecard for evaluating Performance.

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Managing Smart proposes a comprehensive, one page Performance Scorecard Builder, with complex algorithms managed inside the application, according to the input made by the user via a simple and intuitive interface. Performance Scorecard Builder is an original method, embedded within an application, that allows managers to easily create Performance Scorecards and to set the algorithms that define the calculation of the final Fulfillment of the Objectives and the Scores for incentive purposes, in detail and aggregate.

Excel 32 bit, 2010 or 2013 must be installed under Windows, in order to run the application.

- Two Sections are available for performance appraisal, with a total of 15 Objectives.

- Fulfillment in percentages and final Scores for Incentive purposes are calculated for each Objective, each Section and aggregate, based on Targets, actual results and Weight of each Objective. Visual presentation of achievements is available.

- Scores are calculated proportionally within flexible user defined intervals around the Targets.

- Discretionary factors can be applied.

- Flexible definition for Objectives types is available, including for those that are not directly measurable.

- "Live" guidance is present, for completing the Scorecard and highlighting errors or missing information.

- A Scorecards List with all the Scorecards that were created is maintained internally; any Scorecard can be easily recalled.

- Exporting function for individual Scorecards or for the full list of scorecards is available, as well as importing function for a previously saved list.

- Detailed Help available.

The application performs complex calculations of objectives fulfillment and scores to be granted for incentive purposes, based on user's input, within a flexible framework. Appraising performance is transformed from a subjective evaluation into a traceable exercise, where targets (Objectives) are clearly defined and unequivocally evaluated.

The Scorecards are saved internally within the application in any stage of completion, available to be recalled for any necessary action.

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Performance Scorecard Builder


Performance Scorecard Builder 2.2.0